John’s Phone Launched for Technophobes

 by Pichayada Promchertchoo

A Dutch company has launched what it calls “the world’s simplest phone”, targeting users who are sick of new-generation models

Only capable of making and receiving calls, John’s Phone is dubbed the world’s simplest mobile phone, specifically designed for anti-smartphones users.

It does not provide any hi-tech features. No apps. No Internet. No camera. No text messaging. All you have to do – in fact, all you can do – is call, talk and hang up.


Named after the company that created it – John Doe, a full-service advertising agency in Amsterdam – the phone is designed for users who are fed up with smartphones and their hi-tech functions.

Its extreme simplicity is designed to appeal to technophobes, the elderly and young kids buying their first phones.

“John’s Phone is easy to use wherever you go. It’s the no-contract cell phone you’ve been waiting for, without any frills or unnecessary features”, the company stated.

Retro Look

In an effort to make it extremely retro, John Doe also provides a small paper-based address book and a pen for storing contacts. They can be slid into the back of the phone.

Other features include a 1200 mAh battery with three weeks stand-by time, a single ringtone, speed dial with enough memory to store ten numbers and a hands-free kit. It is 10.5 x 6 x 1.5 cm and weighs in at 95 grams.

The phone is available in five colours: white, black, brown, greyish-green and pink. The prices range from around £60 to £80.

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